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Book list

Books by Moshe Feldenkrais:

Judo – The Art of Defence and Attack (out of print, highly sought after on the second hand market)

Books on the Method are all available and are listed below:

Awareness Through Movement
The Elusive Obvious

Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora

The Potent Self: A Guide to Spontaneity

The Master Moves

Body and Mature Behaviour

Books on Feldenkrais By Other Authors:

Ruthy Alon: Mindful Spontaneity

Thomas Hanna: Somatics
Robert Masters and Jean Houston: Listening to the Body

Steven Shafarman: Awareness Heals

David Zemach-Bersin et al: Relaxercise

Jack Heggie: Running with the Whole Body

Jack Heggie: Skiing with the Whole Body

Books related to “The Bigger Picture” and “Life-Long Learning”:

Guy Claxton: WISE-UP, The Challenge of Life-Long Learning

Mary Midgley: The Myths We Live By

Morris Berman: Coming to Our Senses

Maxine sheets-Johnstone (ed): Giving the Body its Due

David Abraham: The Spell of the Sensuous

David Bohm & Mark Edwards: Changing Consciousness

David Bohm: On Creativity

David Bohm: On Dialogue

Viktor Frankl: Man’s Search for Meaning

Andy Fisher: Radical Ecopsychology

Joanna Macy: Coming Back to Life