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Work in Progress

An informal group of Feldenkrais practitioners has been meeting once a year in the French Pyrenees since 2007.

From the start the aim was to explore issues connected with the Feldenkrais theme of DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM – through seeking answers to the question : How and why does intelligent and focused use of inflatable balls prove to be so very effective in initiating and supporting organic/somatic learning in our work? Coming up with pertinent concepts and theoretical models that may help clarify this issue forms part of our endeavour.

An important aspect of the Laboratory Group’s first project has been completed with publication of the Ana´s and her Scoliosis case-study - in both the German Feldenkraisforum and in the French Feldenkrais Journal Corpus. A DVD showing sequences from five individual lessons with Ana´s, three before and two after her operation, will be issued in 2013.

In addition work has already started on more general presentation of the Supported by Air approach both on DVD and in writing.


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