“Using my whole body prevents me from repeating the physical damage I have done to myself in the past”

Feldenkrais is different to conventional forms of treatment like physiotherapy, chiropractice, and osteopathy in the same way as homeopathy differs from conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine or Allopathy (‘Allo’ means ‘opposite’) treats the symptoms using drugs and medication, and the drug has to be repeated over a period of time.

In homeopathy we treat like with like (‘Homo’ signifies ‘same’). This means that we need only give one or two doses of a substance minutely diluted but highly potentised: just enough to stimulate the body’s own self-healing mechanism by using a remedy which supports the whole person rather than opposing an individual symptom.

I experience the same thing with Feldenkrais. For example, to treat a backache Ilana will start with one of my feet, gently encouraging it to make small pain-free movements. She will observe what happens in the rest of my body while these movements are being made. Once she has detected a blockage somewhere, she will gently mobilise other parts of my body to free up movement. Ilana is teaching my whole body to support the injured part. She treats the whole of the person just as I do in homeopathy. During a Feldenkrais session I unconsciously relearn how to move again with ease – initially just enough to stimulate another, potentially also possible movement. This is unlike most other techniques which force the body into positions which it does not want, or is unable to perform because of injury and pain. Most other techniques only focus on the injured part and not on the totality of the person.

Ilana has developed a method of giving a Feldenkrais treatment with the person lying on a platform of air-filled egg-shaped balls. For me this has two advantages: avoiding the discomfort of having the painful part of me on a hard surface; and, most importantly, the air cushions beneath me respond to any little movement my body makes, amplifying the movement and making it clearer for me.

Through Feldenkrais I have learned that all movements ultimately originate from my centre. Using my whole body prevents me repeating the physical damage I have done to myself in the past.

Feldenkrais Seen by a Homeopath