Several of my regular clients derived so much benefit from the air-table in my practice that they constructed one for themselves.

Alick who has been having FIs for many years – especially before and after a hip operation and later heart surgery - wrote in a little note:

“I want to tell you how valuable I have found the bed of ‘air-eggs’. As you know, I have been very tired as a result of my knee and heart problems but I have been able to relax completely on this wonderful contraption. It is as if one is suspended in the air by invisible supports. If I listen to some soothing Schubert or Mozart through my hi-fi earphones, I find the bed relaxes me so well that I sleep so much better that night”.

Mari, a retired Shiatsu practitioner, wrote:

“I feel that the air ‘Egg Bed’ allows one to come back into one’s body quicker than any other way that I have found. A perfect de-stresser and potential life-saver.

The ‘Egg Bed’ in Shiatsu terms is just like the perfect ‘Mother Hand’. If only one hand were used in Shiatsu it would feel like poking the meridians and so a ‘Mother Hand’ is placed on the body:

1. as support

2. to allow a better contact with the meridian, i.e. two hands forming a light stretch on the (tube) meridian

3. enabling play and movement within the body

I see the ‘Egg Bed’ as a great ‘Mother Hand’ but with even more potential than a physical hand which relies on the practitioner’s own flexibility and sense of support.

Maybe one of the reasons that the ‘Egg Bed’ - and also, the little balls and eggs - are so good to use at home on your own is that it is like having one’s own personal practitioner (and ‘Mother Hand’) at hand to enable one to feel into the rounded, fluid, internal movements with ease and with support”.

An 'Air-Divan' at Home: “A perfect de-stresser and potential life-saver”