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Learning to Think With Images, Patterns, and Connections *

Discovering the Art and Benefits of Employing Inflatable Balls Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration

Advanced Training with Ilana Nevill

After more than 20 years of exploring how such learning tools can facilitate psycho-somatic learning in the Feldenkrais Method, I feel confident enough to quote Moshe Feldenkrais:


You will be surprised what you can do. I was surprised.*

Date: Saturday 9 – Friday 15 June 2018

Place: La Ruzole du Haut, a hamlet in the French Pyrenees

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Ilana Nevill


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* The slightly shortened quotation from which I took the title for this Advanced Training was published by Feldenkrais Resources (6.5.2017)

The way I teach my students to work is to bring them into conditions where they can learn to think. They have to learn to think without words, with images, patterns, and connections. That sort of thinking always leads to a new way of action. ... Maybe whatever you do has already been invented by somebody, but you have (now) invented it yourself. You have created it. So you can see, actually begin to think for the first time in your life, originally, creatively. You will be surprised what you can do. I was surprised.


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