JOSIAH, who insisted that the air approach ought to be documented because he was struck by its potential and actual effectiveness, esp. for people with MS like him. He took most of the photos and did most of the filming.

Usually I stay on it for about half an hour. The pain and irritation have definitely gone in that time. I can actually feel all the muscles and everything just let go and relax.

I say to myself “SINK!” I say just one word: “SINK ...SINK”...

You then feel yourself sink into the bubble.

It’s so wonderful that I found that out!

After all this time!

It’s ridiculous!



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Initial encouraging feedback about “working with air” in ATM

Page 2 of the brochure which accompanies the dvd SUPPORTED BY AIR includes a few remarks from pupils/clients and colleagues who experienced introduction of the yellow Eggball into a traditional Awareness Through Movement class or workshop.

The following statements date from well before the idea of making a documentary was raised by Josiah Hincks in 1999. He found that  working with air  helped him cope even better with Multiple Sclerosis than the usual ATM and FI approach.

...much greater clarity. ...It slowed things down so you could get the experience of the experience... (Amy)

...very much like a dance...lots of listening and really paying attention. (Joan) impression of fluidity and stillness. (Marie-France) coming towards a very sensitive FI... nearer to giving oneself an FI. (Leila)

...another reference point for self-organisation and an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and playfulness. (Julia)

...My experience with the EGG is a gentle reminder to yield ; let go of the weight, let go of the tension, and simply be. To feel supported by this still bubble of air is to be re-blended with EASE. (Beverly)


Material : Five different sizes of EGGballs (As shown in Part I – ATM AS SELF-FI ? The smallest (yellow) ball inspired a lot of exploration)

Thanks to the 26 people who took part in creating


II. Four people played a special role in development of the innovative approach to somatic learning documented in SUPPORTED BY AIR

WILLIAM, my youngest pupil-teacher-partner-and-“friend” Click here for article : 'The Power of Imagination - How William overcame his fear of falling.


William aged 12 (just before I moved from England to France)

‘William’ aged 7 having just decided which EGGball has the right pressure

During a Functional Integration session

GLADYS - the oldest participant, who courageously coped with a difficult life.

Brief excerpt from a conversation

I sit with my hands very relaxed like that ... very much as in a Zen Buddhist meditation. I think it’s a mental thing. You know that you’ve got something you can do as soon as you feel it coming. You are half way there as soon as you get on your bubble...because you know or you tell yourself that it is going to work.

I do this about eight o’clock in the evening. As soon as I feel this discomfort coming and my legs start getting twitchy, I straightaway put a blanket on my bubble for warmth and get onto it with my legs back. That calms the legs down virtually immediately.

I also sit on my bubble first thing in the morning because I am always very bad then; my back is painful and my legs hurt when I get out of bed.

ANN, my most challenging client (20 years with MS) who didn’t want to learn but “to be administered to.