Bonjour Ilana

Just a brief account of that first session on the inflatable balls.

My body was suffering; painful shoulder, painful back from top to bottom. Lying on the air bed brought great relief. I could finally forget my suffering. Better still, I rediscovered the sensation of weightlessness which seemed familiar from a very very long time ago, perhaps from when I was still in the womb.

I felt like a foetus floating in its bubble – as seen in outer space at the end of the film 2001- A Space Odyssy.

The air-filled balls mediated soft contact, as it were from bubble to bubble. I floated weightlessly in my bubble and another bubble established contact with me.

As you began to touch my body in this moment of “no suffering”, I started to feel it again. Every contact gave me access to all the bits of myself [that had been absent]. Suddenly it was no longer “my suffering body” with “me” inside, but myself getting in contact with my body, taking possession of it. There was a sense of integration. I inhabited my body and the two of us became one. It was now an integral part of myself.

Consciously experiencing this connection gave me back an awareness of my own physical existence – quite naturally and without pain.

I seemed to have a young body - new like a baby’s.

The balls took care of me without any intrusion.

I was also particularly sensitive to having the phalanxes of my toes touched….

That contact set up a chain of connections to distant parts of the body, especially to my back.

The tensions obviously go back a very long way. The inflammation in the left shoulder started last March, with layer upon layer of pain and rigidity installing themselves. All that couldn’t disappear during a single session.

Yesterday I had treatment from a woman osteopath who has excellent touch and technique. She managed to free up much tension from sacrum to cervicals.

I told her about your work. She seemed interested, so I will send her the link to your website.

Many thanks


(translation I.N. 15.10.2017)

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